Alpen Pharma LLC Russia 10 years anniversary!



Workshop 2019 in Russia coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Alpen Pharma LLC. Therefore, this year preparation for the cyclic meeting were especially significant, responsible and exciting.


The conference program was very eventful! We conducted a three-day training for medical representatives in creating the structure of the visit based on the existing medical need, according to the upcoming autumn-winter season. Everyone could also take part in the pharmacy carousel training, where all employees could feel like a pharmacy manager and deeply understand the commercial component of the pharmaceutical business, and all, with no exception, worked out and improved the communication skills needed to successfully held exhibitions and conferences.


And, of course we had an event, aimed at team building and broadening our horizons. According to the scenario of an exciting quest, the participants had to find gifts for their lovely company Alpen Pharma LLC, hidden in different parts of the amazing city of Sochi!


All the teams completed the tasks and came to the Alpen Pharma’s anniversary with gifts. In the evening, we watched an interesting film about their incredible adventures.


Finally, we are full of new knowledge, acquaintances, impressions and friends now. Looking forward for the next meetings and bright emotions that we are already starting to wait!



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