Sleep ― is an important component of health and is especially important for children. In their sleep peanuts grow, rest and store energy for exploring the world. The duration and quality of sleep depends on the age, health and emotional state of a child. According to statistics, sleep disorders in children ― is a problem for many parents. If a peanut do not go to sleep, sleeps badly during the day, often wakes up at night, Dormikind® will help to cope with this situation.

Dormikind®* ― is a German  complex medication based on the natural components, which, thanks to its carefully selected composition, gently helps the babies return to normal sleep, promotes the elimination of excessive irritation and anxiety and restores the sleep structure. It is important that Dormikind® consists of natural ingredients, it is not a sleeping or sedative medicine, therefore does not cause drowsiness and somnolence. Dormikind® is approved for use from birth. Before use, it is recommended to dissolve Dormikind® tablets in a teaspoon of water for children from birth to the age of 4.

Dormikind® ― is specially made to correct the sleep disorders in infants and young children.
There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions.