The most common reason for children crying in the first three months of life is the “intestinal colic”. Colic – is a paroxysmal abdominal pain, accompanied by child’s restlessness. In such a case, the baby screams, clutter legs, which, of course, can not let the parents be indifferent. The main reason for “colic” in children ― the immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, which manifests itself as discoordination of the intestinal tract motor activity, enzymatic deficiency and, as a result, activation of fermentation processes with gases producing that bubble up the intestine.

Enterokind®* ― is a German  complex medication based on the natural components, which is recommended for the “colic” removal, bloating and aerocolia, functional bowel disorders, accompanied by abdominal pain in infants and young children. 

The main advantage of Enterokind® ― is a multi-action. Enterokind® can reduce the painful condition in colics almost of every origin (spasm, flatus), as it acts not only on the symptoms but also occurrence causes (improves and, that is the most important, synchronizes peristalsis, normalizes (according to age) secretion of digestive enzymes. This is the unique feature of medication. Thus, it is not surprising that, according to clinical studies, Enterokind® is twice effective than simethicon. Enterokind® is well tolerated and approved for use in children from birth.  Course of the drug administration makes up 3-6 days.