Horsetail Liquid Concentrate for Baths

Against chronic renal disease and podagra

Composition: Common horsetail extract.

Formulation: vials of 1000 mL capacity.

Properties: Horsetail (Equisétum in Latin) is classified as belonging to vascular plant genus; since its uniqueness in nowadays flora, it has been assigned a separate Horsetail (Equisetáceae) division. In total, there are about 32 species of horsetail.

Common horsetail grows everywhere. However, the Northern Hemisphere is the most comfortable location for its growing.

In folk medicine, horsetail was used as styptic remedy as well as for treatment of rheumatism and podagra. Horsetail decoction showed urinative effect, it was used for treatment of oedemas caused by insufficient blood circulation, pleuritis with much exudate and inflammatory processes of bladder and urinary tracts.            

the same as those for taking common baths and aromatherapy procedures: vast skin leisons, acute period of skin and pediatric diseases accompanied by rashes; severe infectious inflammatory diseases accompanied by high body temperature; expressed cardiac insufficiency, severe form of arterial hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncologic diseases, tuberculosis.
Balneal aroma therapeutic procedures are not indicated for pregnant women and sucking children.
Balneal aroma therapeutic (BAT) procedures may be used for infants after consulting a doctor only.
Instead of common aroma baths, it may be recommended for patients, depending on indications, to take half-baths, local baths, wet wiping.
The concentrate shall not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Storage conditions: keep at room temperature away from children.


In complex therapy, against chronic renal disease and podagra. It is used for blood circulation enhancement, removing oedemas, cleaning skin, and joint treatment. Baths with horsetail are prescribed for removal of muscle strain including those after physical activity.

Dosage: 30 mL of the liquid concentrate is diluted under the water stream in the entire bath volume.

Water temperature: 34 to 37 °C 

Procedure duration: 10 to 20 min.

Course of treatment: 8 to 12 procedures. 

Prophylaxis course: once a week.