Influcid tablets

 According to statistics, ARVI and influenza ― are the the most widespreaded infections among people. Taking into account the huge and ever-increasing variety of viruses that cause these diseases, we need a drug that can successfully cope with them.

Influcid* ― is a German complex medication , which has an antiviral effect not only on influenza viruses, but also on most viruses that cause ARVI**.

Early in the beginning of the disease Influcid promotes rapid elimination of different ARVI and influenza symptoms: headache, myodynia, fever, rhinitis and pharyngitis. Influcid ― is a powerful natural interferon inducer, but interferon ― is an important element of the first line of organism protection. Another advantage of Influcid ― is the ability to significantly reduce the symptoms of asthenia (weakness and feeling unrested) after past diseases, which means that you can more quickly return to a normal life after the disease.

Influcid ― is a drug that not only actively fights against viruses, eliminates ARVI and influenza symptoms, but also fortifies the immune system and defends from viruses. Due to this, Influcid can be used not only for the treatment but also prevention of ARVI and influenza.

Influcid has two presentation forms: tablets (for adults and children over 3 years) and drops (for adults and children 12 years), and available without prescription.
Influcid ― for emergency prevention and treatment of ARVI and influenza!

Influcid tablets: the manufacturer DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), registration number P N013519/02 as of 23.10.2009; Influcid solution 30 ml: the manufacturer DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), registration number P N013519/01 as of 12.12.2007.

* Medicines advertising. Read the instruction and consult your doctor before use. Keep away from children.
** Yeropkin M. Yu. and others.//Vozmozhnosti povysheniya effektivnosti i protivovirusnoy terapii i profilaktiki ORVI. Novye eksperimentalnye dannye na kletochnykh kulturakh. [The possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of antiviral therapy and ARVI prevention. New experimental data on the cell cultures]// RMZH. Meditsinskoye obozrenie. [RMJ. Medical review]. 2011. No.18. p.1151-1152. 

Fever, rhinitis, chills and headache? 

Influcid helps to defeat the cold!

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions