Isla Moos

Hoarseness or huskiness and even loss of voice are the states that everyone can face. Everyone needs a voice! But, how to get it back quickly, in such a case?

ISLA® – Icelandic moss based pastilles for rapid removal of inflammatory diseases symptomss of the vocal cords, promote moistening and restoration of the mucous membrane of the throat. They have a protective (i.e. they envelop and moisturize the mucous), antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Due to these properties, ISLA® pastilles envelop and humidify the respiratory tract, remove inflammation, eliminate huskiness, itching and burning, thereby helping to restore hoarse, husky or lost voice.

Unlike lozenges, pastilles do not contain sugar and cannot injure gums and palate mucosa. ISLA® is approved for use in adults and children from 4 and are indicated in laryngitis, hoarseness, huskiness and to people, who face high voice load or work in adverse climatic conditions (cold, heat, dust, etc.). ISLA® is helpful in dry irritating cough, to include of allergic origin.

ISLA® – applicable in hoarseness, huskiness and dry irritating cough