The reasons for impaired concentration in children include both fatigue and the inherent nature of excessive activity. If a child continuously moves, can not sit still for a long time, talks too much, interrupts, without listening to others, interferes with conversation, easily distracts from the job to external stimuli, can not hear speech addressed to him, has “head in the clouds”, makes a lot of random errors in class / homework, can not concentrate on the details, often acts impulsively, without thinking about the consequences, creates problems in the family, kindergarten, school by his behavior, often creates conflicts with peers, then the child is likely to have this natural feature. What to do then?

Complex  German product Kindinorm can help your child to become more focused and attentive, improve concentration, improve learning ability and reduce excessive activity.

Kindinorm, due to its composition, improves learning ability, improves concentration, reduces hyperactivity and impulsivity, facilitates adaptation of the baby to new environment1, it is approved for use by children from 1 year and adolescents. It is very important that Kindinorm has a natural composition, is not psychotropic drug (antipsychotics, sedatives), and thus has no inherent adverse events.

Active ingredients of the drug effectively weaken typical symptoms, such as impaired concentration, increased excitability and restlessness, learning difficulties, sleep disorder and general weakness. Kindinorm also has a calming and stabilizing effect on the mental state of the patient, promotes correction of hyperactivity syndrome.

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions.