Klimaktoplan® N

Klimaktoplan N is a German natural non-hormonal medicine, which consists of 4 components that complement and strengthen each other: cimicifuga racemosa – phytoestrogen-containing component (like estrogen women), normalizes the hormonal balance and eliminates the main symptoms in menopause: hot flashes, fever, sweating , emotional lability; sanguine – normalizes blood pressure, prevents arrhythmia, palpitations; sepia – relieves headache and irritability; ignatia – relieves mood swings, normalizes sleep and memory.

Especially important is the fact that the Klimacoplane N does not contain hormones and is well tolerated by long-term use. Women in Europe have been trusted in Klimacoplan N for more than 70 years.

Klimaktoplan N is a non-hormonal medicine for starting therapy of climacteric syndrome with proven effectiveness and metabolic neutrality.

Before use, read the instructions.