Lavender Liquid Concentrate for Baths

Shows harmonizing effect at nervous exhaustion.

Composition: essential oil of fresh lavender flowers.

Formulation: vials of 190 mL and 1000 mL capacities.

Properties: lavender essential oil shows harmonizing effect at hyperexcitabilities and nervous strain being an ideal remedy for recovery of internal tranquility. Lavender shows excellent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and wound healing effects. 
Common lavender (Lavandula officinalis L. in Latin) is a perennial spicy and aromatic plant which is believed to originate from Mediterranean Coast. The plant is known from ancient times thanks to its sweet smell and taste. Ancient Romans used lavender for preparing aromatic waters for washing their hands before meals. “Lavare”, in Latin, means “wash” – the plant was added into baths. Lavender blooms in summer with blue flowers of intensive fragrance. Besides, they make the plant to taste spicy and bitter.

Counterindications: the same as those for taking common baths and aromatherapy procedures: vast skin leisons, acute period of skin and pediatric diseases accompanied by rashes; severe infectious inflammatory diseases accompanied by high body temperature; expressed cardiac insufficiency, severe form of arterial hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncologic diseases, tuberculosis.

Balneal aroma therapeutic procedures are not indicated for pregnant women and sucking children.
Balneal aroma therapeutic (BAT) procedures may be used for infants after consulting a doctor only.
Instead of common aroma baths, it may be recommended for patients, depending on indications, to take half-baths, local baths, wet wiping.
The concentrate shall not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Storage conditions: keep at room temperature away from children.


Lavender baths are recommended for treatment of vegetovascular dystonia, central nervous system diseases, neuroses, hypotension, insomnia, neurasthenia. It is efficient against furuncles and acne.

Dosage: 30 mL of the liquid concentrate is diluted under the water stream in the entire bath volume.
Water temperature: 36 to 37 °C
Procedure duration: 10 to 20 min.

Course of treatment: 8 to 10 procedures.