Melissa Liquid Concentrate for Baths

Relaxing antianxiety aroma bath

Composition: essential oil of melissa sprouts and inflorescences.

Formulation: vials of 190 mL capacity.

Properties: soothing concentrate for bath with melissa essential oil is efficient against nerve strain and hyperexcitability. High quality melissa essential oil shows favorable effect on one’s organism: it makes muscles and nervous system relax, shows soothing effect, makes it easier falling asleep, and enhances the sleep itself.

Common melissa (Melissa officinalis in Latin) is a perennial essential oil grassy plant. Ancestral origin of melissa is believed to be the Mediterranean area till Persia, areas of Black Sea and Asian Near East along with North Africa where it has been cultivated for over 2000 years. Melissa essential oil is produced using the vapor distillation method, from fresh, blossoming elevated part of common melissa. It is blossoming since June till September. Fresh raw material smells as a lemon. Melissa essential oil contains citral, citronellal, myrcene, and geraniol. Melissa seeds contain fatty oil (20 %).
Common melissa shows antispasmodic, soothing, cardiotonic, wound healing, and central nervous system stimulating effects. Besides, melissa shows favorable effects for stomach, brain – especially against neuroceonuses, dizziness, and ear noise.
Melissa essential oil shows low toxicity and sedative effect. The main melissa effect is soothing at sleep disorders, insomnia, stress, fear, depression, melancholia, asthenia, hypomnesia, headache. It shows antiviral activity and may be used for treatment of  herpes, flue, and  shingles.

the same as those for taking common baths and aromatherapy procedures: vast skin leisons, acute period of skin and pediatric diseases accompanied by rashes; severe infectious inflammatory diseases accompanied by high body temperature; expressed cardiac insufficiency, severe form of arterial hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncologic diseases, tuberculosis.
Balneal aroma therapeutic procedures are not indicated for pregnant women and sucking children.
Balneal aroma therapeutic (BAT) procedures may be used for infants after consulting a doctor only.
Instead of common aroma baths, it may be recommended for patients, depending on indications, to take half-baths, local baths, wet wiping.
The concentrate shall not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Storage conditions: keep at room temperature away from children.


Dosage: 10 ml 30 ml of liquid concentrate is diluted under running water on overall volume of the bath.

Water temperature: 34-37 °C

Duration of the procedure: 10-20 minutes.

Course: 10 procedures.