Prospan® drops

Common cold is almost always accompanied by cough. But, given that cough is not a disease but body reaction aimed at protecting and cleansing respiratory tract, it is necessary to assist it in carrying out its natural function, but nor suppressing it.

As a rule, sticky mucus and spasms in bronchi strongly inhibit natural cleansing of respiratory tract. Prospan® herbal preparation can help to cope with cough by making sputum less thick and exerting best efforts to its active excretion and elimination of obstacles on its way i.e. spasms in bronchial tree. 

Prospan®* is original standardized dry extract of ivy leaves EA 575® for treatment of any type of cough in children and adults with proven and fast effect. Prospan® has bronchospasmolytic, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, antitussive actions. As it has been already mentioned, Prospan® contributes to liquefaction of mucus, its active excretion from the respiratory tract and, most importantly, relieves muscle spasm in bronchial tubes. Prospan® advantages also include its usability in all age groups, starting from babies, and pleasant taste and a variety of dosage forms: syrup, effervescent tablets Forte and solution in sticks.

Сough? Bronchitis? 

Prospan® – nature’s force against cough

*Drug advertising. Read instructions carefully and consult a doctor before use. Keep out of the reach of children.