Sulfur Liquid Concentrate for Baths

Shows anti-inflammatory and soothing effects in case of skin diseases. To be used in case of rheumatic nature complaints.  

Composition: Elementary sulfur (complying with European Pharmacopeia)

Formulation: vials of 1000 mL and 10 L capacities.

Properties: Shows anti-inflammatory and soothing effects in case of skin diseases. To be used in case of rheumatic nature complaints.  Elementary sulfur can not be dissolved in water but is distributed in the form of particles penetrating into skin and forming deposits that gradually penetrate into deeper structures (connective tissue, ligaments, cartilages, tendons, etc.) thus effecting most favorably inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.

That is why sulfur baths are taken, most often, for treatment of rheumatic and rheumatoid diseases, allergies, and skin problems including for supporting therapy in case of psoriasis or neurodermatitis, accelerating processes of skin regeneration. Spitzner sulfur bath contains, additionally, a mixture of herbal extracts inhibiting intensive sulfur smell when the concentrate is being diluted in water.

Contraindications the same as those for taking common baths and aromatherapy procedures: vast skin leisons, acute period of skin and pediatric diseases accompanied by rashes; severe infectious inflammatory diseases accompanied by high body temperature; expressed cardiac insufficiency, severe form of arterial hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncologic diseases, tuberculosis.

Balneal aroma therapeutic procedures are not indicated for pregnant women and sucking children.
Balneal aroma therapeutic (BAT) procedures may be used for infants after consulting a doctor only.
Instead of common aroma baths, it may be recommended for patients, depending on indications, to take half-baths, local baths, wet wiping.
The concentrate shall not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Storage conditions: keep at room temperature away from children.


Prior to taking the bath, it is necessary to take off any metallic adornments (especially silver ones).
After taking the bath, it is often recommended to take no shower and not to wipe oneself but to rest in a dry compress.

Dosage: 100 mL of the liquid concentrate is diluted under the water stream in the entire bath volume. For local baths, the quantity shall be respectively less.

Water temperature: 34 to 37 °C
Procedure duration: 10 to 20 min.

Taking bath rate in case of not acute rheumatic inflammations: 2 to 3 times per week.

Course of treatment: 8 to 10 procedures.