Valerian Liquid Concentrate for Baths

Shows soothing effect, promotes better falling asleep

Composition: valerian oil (of valerian root, 2.1 g/100 g).

Formulation: vials of 190 mL, 1000 mL, and canisters of 10 L capacities.

Common valerian (Valeriana officinalis in Latin) is a wild plant growing in wet areas, such as meadows, forest rocks and edges, banks of rivers and reservoirs. It is cultivated already for more than 170 years. Roots and rootstocks of the plant contain biologically active substances: essential valerian oil consisting mainly of borneol  ester and isovaleric acid, pinene, camphene, sesquiterpene,  glycosides, alkaloids, tanning agents. The first evidences about therapeutic effect of valerian have been dated to I century BC. 

For many centuries, the plant has been considered to be one of the most efficient remedies against nervous and cardiovascular system diseases. In folk medicine, valerian rootstock decoction is often used for bathing children with “fear” and convulsions.

Counterindications: the same as those for taking common baths and aromatherapy procedures: vast skin leisons, acute period of skin and pediatric diseases accompanied by rashes; severe infectious inflammatory diseases accompanied by high body temperature; expressed cardiac insufficiency, severe form of arterial hypertension; bronchial asthma; oncologic diseases, tuberculosis.

Balneal aroma therapeutic procedures are not indicated for pregnant women and sucking children.
Balneal aroma therapeutic (BAT) procedures may be used for infants after consulting a doctor only.
Instead of common aroma baths, it may be recommended for patients, depending on indications, to take half-baths, local baths, wet wiping. The concentrate shall not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Storage conditions: keep at room temperature away from children.


The concentrate is efficient against stress, nerve strain, "manager" syndrome, hyperexcitability, anxiety, and problems with falling asleep. Active substances of the concentrate – valerian essential oil and terpenes – provide soft sedative effect.

The liquid "Valeriana" concentrate is well combined with drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures.
It may be combined, in the same day, with local procedures such as galvanization, electrophoresis, pulse stimulation, magnetotherapy, ultrahigh and super high frequency treatment;
It may be combined, in different days, with common procedures such as ultraviolet irradiation, inductothermy, electrosleep, therapeutic shower, other common baths, and heat therapy.

Dosage: 10 mL of the liquid concentrate is diluted under the water stream in the entire bath volume.
Water temperature: 34 to 37 °C 
Procedure duration: 10 to 20 min.

Course of treatment: 8 to 12 procedures. 

Prophylaxis course: once a week.